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 How To Get In Shape FAST!



There are several ways to lose weight and get in shape, and several ways to do it fast. It all depends on what you want to achieve and how quickly you want those results. Over the years i've tried the gym, at one point i went through a period of hitting the gym 5 times a week as well as doing martial arts 3 times a week. I have to admit that was a gazillion years ago though. I've also tried fad diets like The Atkins and South Beach diets, and have used fat burning pills. None of the weight loss methods i've mentioned suit me as long term weight management methods. Its hard for me to find the time to drive to a gym and do a good, long workout, fad diets aren't healthy and i can't deny myself my favourite foods forever. Fat burning pills are not something you want to be using long term but they can be very effective fat burners if you need to lose weight fast. Why would anyone want to lose weight fast? Perhaps you have a school reunion coming up or maybe you want to enter a marathon. My current reason is that i need to be in shape for my Bon Jovi tribute band.


As long as you do not have any serious medical problems, i would strongly recommend the Insanity workout. Like quitting smoking, its not easy, in fact its quite hard......you'll know you've done a workout! If however you stick to the nutrional guide and workouts you will for sure burn a mountain of fat and slim down significantly in 60 days. There is no catch, there is no gimmick or magic formula. You simply burn fat because you are working so damn hard! The nutritional side of Insanity is pretty good and very healthy. You are supposed to eat 5 smaller meals a day rather than the usual 3, as this should speed up your metabolism and help you trim down. Foods you can eat are healthy, such as whole grain bread, fruit, vegetables, whole grain pasta, chicken, etc, etc. Not only does this great workout turn you into a considerably slimmer, healthier you, it also improves your fitness dramatically. Things that you found hard to do physically, previously......are now a matter of course. The Insanity workout package includes a workout chart, 10 different workout DVD's and a nutritional guide which provides you with several recipes.


Its worth noting that you need to change your way of thinking if you are going to do this workout. What i mean by that is you should forget about actually weighing yourself as the results might discourage you and that really isn't what Insanity's about. I remember reading a post on a fitness forum by an American housewife. The lady was complaining that she had weighed herself regularly over the 60 days but had lost no weight. She really wasn't very happy about this......but then she casually proceeded to state she had lost 6 inches off her waist!......DUH! Who cares what you weigh if you look and feel the best you possibly can do? The worst thing about the Insanity workout is that its not cheap. It cost me around £100. Some people will no doubt download it for free illegally, but i personally wanted to spend the money as that guaranteed that i would have to go through with my plan to get in shape, or i would have wasted £100. It was an added incentive for me to make this happen and i needed all the help i could get.


So how did this Bon Jovi tribute singer get on with the Insanity workout? Well, unfortunately for me, the time which i had available to workout was around 5.30am.......and i'm NOT a morning person. The first workout which you have to do is actually a 25 minute fit test, so you can assess where you are in terms of fitness. (you will do this fit test every 2 weeks until the 60th day, so that you can measure the improvement in fitness levels) To cut a long story short, because i was so unfit at the time, as well as working out so early in the morning, i struggled to reach even a pathetic level of performance! In fact, i struggled so bad, i decided to simply do the fit test for 3 weeks in order to get fit enough to struggle on with the workouts! By the end of the 3rd week i had slimmed down a little bit and my fitness had improved enough that i could do the work outs without constantly complaining at the tv "are you shitting me.....how am i supposed to do that?" I've now completed the 60 day Insanity workout, but i am going to do it all over again, as higher fitness levels mean you can work even harder, therefore burning even more fat. If you need to get in shape fast and aren't scared of hard work, you really should do this, you'll feel so good.     :)