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Jumping On The Bon Jovi Tribute Band Wagon




I recently resurrected my Bon Jovi tribute band after a couple of years out of the scene. I was badly needing a break, badly needed to be me again, and i needed to write/record some of my own songs as well as learning/doing/taking an interest in other things, such as property and marketing. While starting the process of re-launching my Bon Jovi tribute band, i have noticed a worrying new trend which i believe truly threatens not only decent Jovi tributes, but the tribute scene itself in the long term.  


These days it seems everyone and their brother, and cousin, and dad, and grandad is in a Bon Jovi tribute band. The original, decent bands are still there on merit of course. Some bands are not close look-alikes, not even the person playing the part of Jon Bon Jovi, but they at least sound like JBJ in a ball park sort of way. One JBJ tribute singer is a dead ringer for the man himself. He sounds NOTHING like JBJ, but the look is so close, and his band's look respectable enough,.......that it is kind of acceptable in my humble eyes. Unfortunately, there seems to be a new breed of Bon Jovi tribute band where the band doesn't look or sound like Bon Jovi. 


Usually this type of tribute band's Jon Bon Jovi has badly dyed blonde hair, a pair of cheap sunglasses and a t-shirt, maybe a denim jacket. The singer might even be a good singer technically, but sounds nothing like JBJ as well as not looking like him. Do these musicians not have ears or mirrors? Do the people that book these bands not have ears or mirrors? My humble opinion is that after a while of these tribute bands performing at venues which expect higher quality, they will devalue the Bon Jovi tribute experience and we will all get painted with the same brush. 


 It makes me angry. We are not talking about a cover band. If you have the audacity to call yourself a tribute band.......you should damn well be ready to give your audience a first rate show. Thought should go into the stage show, stage clothes, song selection and you should have at least a passing resemblance to the person you are paying tribute to. You should always bear in mind that you are no longer just a musician, but  an actor too. Last but not least you should sound like the artist you are paying tribute to. This should be a basic requirement!!