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Women Are The Superior Sex - Men Are The Tribute Act



You might be forgiven for thinking the title of this blog post is a little strange, so please allow me to explain. My opinion, from many years (i'm old) of observing my female family members and friends act and interact with other people, and life itself, is that they are in general the superior sex, and us men are merely an imitation of the real thing, kinda like my Bon Jovi tribute band and Bon Jovi. For me the bottom line is that compared to us guys, they get a raw deal, a harder life, and yet they still manage to(in general) be better people than us. They are more compassionate, more sensitive, more understanding, and can get so excited about what many guys would consider not such an event, such as saving a small amount of money on some pair of shoes or dress in a clothes shop sale. While this provides men with an endless supply of ammunition for women jokes, part of me thinks that its a pity that we can't be more like our female counter parts. Look back through history, how many female Adolf Hitlers or Saddam Husseins can you find? Compared to male versions, how many female serial killers can you find? How many child sex abusers can you find? How many females are found to be cruel to animals compared to males? As you can see, i truly have thought this through and am not simply writing something that will strike a chord with women. Like it or not guys, women are better people than us, that's just the way it is.


Do most guys even appreciate women? Do most guys ever think about things from a woman's perspective?

You know guys, our lives really are much easier. Picture the scene, your current girlfriend's childhood. Yeah, she might have had a fantastic childhood, but after she found out there is no Father Christmas, she found out that there is this lovely thing called a period which she will experience every month. If she was unlucky, she might have experienced all of this by her 10th birthday. What did you have to deal with at that age? Then as early as her teenage years, her being attractive would have probably meant having to put up with unwanted attention from males who never considered the fact they were making her feel nervous or uncomfortable. Then there are other small things that so many guys don't appreciate. I sometimes hear guys bitching and moaning because their gorgeous girlfriend took 3 hours to get ready to go out. Personally, i don't get this. Firstly, just allow for this getting ready time and arrange to go out later or something, and secondly, when you see her, look her up and down and thank who ever you pray to that the lady bothered to make that kind of effort, and be grateful that the results are so damn good, and that you really are a lucky, undeserving idiot. Unless you are an orange Essex boy, i bet you didn't put that much effort in. Luckily i'm not orange, as that would look a little weird when doing a Bon Jovi tribute band.   :)


There's a lot i could type here, but seeing as i've got to fit in another Insanity workout today, i'm gonna move right along to one last major scenario which demonstrates what i've already said. So, you're in a committed relationship and you decide its time you were parents. Guys reading this blog post know that this period of their lives is a licence to do what they like doing best, very, very, regularly.......oh yeah. Then comes the day when they find out their lovely lady is pregnant. The male thought process will probably go something like "i got her knocked up in a week." Yep.....cue some he-man, i'm so virile, so masculine bullshit. Yeah, you're such a man....you've almost made a baby with a few thrusts and a groan. Do most guys think about what goes through a girl's head at this time??? Can any of you guys reading this imagine being in that position? How your body is about to change, the fact that you are going to have a little human growing inside of you, the effects that is going to have on you, the back ache, the swollen ankles, the weight gain. Then, when the big day comes, you will probably feel nervous, you will probably feel, for a while, the weight of responsibility, you will probably feel a little sorry for what your lady has to go through. Can guys even begin to imagine how their girl feels though? How would you feel if you had to give birth? There would probably be a lot of crying and whinging and drinking to numb the pain......and that would be months in advance when simply thinking about your big day. So you see the term "you big girl" should really be a compliment not an insult.


Once women have children, they go through some changes. Their kids will always take priority over everything. The same could be said of men of course, but women will be there 24-7. The devotion of a good mother is something that cannot be surpassed. A mother is a very special person indeed, and one who always seems to find time for everybody else's needs. She's always there for you, she's the best person you know.......yet tonight when guys go down the pub and see a gorgeous young lady standing at the bar, the conversation between them will probably reach sewer level at some point. They might make the young lady feel uncomfortable with their unwanted attention. Will they at some point think of the young lady as a person, or think of things from her perspective? Will they think to themselves that this could be their friend, their sister, or that special mother in her younger years?


 Watching a mother being a mother is tiring, they just never stop. With this in mind, i truly feel good inside when i see someone in the audience at one of my Bon Jovi tribute gigs, who looks like they are probably married with children, and they are having fun. For a while no-one is demanding their attention, they're not having to do something for someone else. When they smile, sing and dance......i think to myself "we did that" and i truly, honestly, genuinely, feel good inside. I don't do religion, but if there is a God, then surely his finest hour came when he made women. So.....for those of you who are.....or are about to be female.....i salute you.     :)